Fiction, Experimental| Digital | Duration: 05:05
When life takes you round the bend, you keep rounding the bend until you get to where you came from.
When who you are is where you have been and where you have been is where you're going,
what else can you be?
Nominations, Screenings, & Official Selections

•Rising Sun International Film Festival, 2022, Japan
•Rome Independent Prisma Awards, 2020, Italy
• 16th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2020, USA
• Finalist, Flickfair, 2020, USA
• Kismet Virtual Film Festival, 2020, USA
• Graduate Film Nominee, DMS Livestream Show, 2020, USA
• Said by tongues., 2019, USA
• Nominee, Begadang Filmmaking Competition, MINIKINO FILM WEEK 5, 2019, Indonesia
• Shortlist, Daftar Hasil Kurasi Film Cerita Pendek, Festival Film Indonesia (FFI), 2019, Indonesia

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