Essay, Experimental | Digital | Duration: 05:00
The Banana Manifesto is an audio/visual manifesto asking different questions about what we see on our screen, what that means, and what makes art. Accompanied by a classical arrangement composed from the text of the manifesto, The Banana Manifesto will open your eyes and make
you question reality.
Awards, Screenings, & Official Selections

•Scream it off Screen, September 2022, USA
•Finalist, jellyFEST Film Festival, 2021, USA

•Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2021, USA
•Finalist, Experimental Film, SUNYWide Film Festival, 2021, USA
Winner of the 716 People's Choice Award, NCCC Film & Animation Festival, 2021, USA
•APL'S arts portfolio panel discussion and film screenings, 2020, USA
•MIGC: Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, 2020, USA
•KinoDrome International Motion Pictures & Screenplay Festival, 2020, USA
•Big Teeth Small Shorts Film Festival, 2020, USA
•Dhaka International Youth Film Festival, 2020, Bangladesh
•BUEIFF Channel, 2020, Argentina
•Golden Dragon Nominee, Category Student Film, Druk International Film Festival, 2020, Bhutan
•15th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2019, USA
•DMS Media Show, 2019, USA
Student Film Critic’s Choice Award Monthly Winner, Druk International Film Festival, 2019, Bhutan

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