(The Guests)
Drama, Hybrid, Mockumentary, Comedy | Digital | Duration: 14:51
As an example of the success Indonesian diaspora, a group of film students come to make a short documentary about Novi, an Indonesian woman who is married to an American man and opens a small batik shop in downtown Buffalo, NY. At the same time, two Indonesian women come to the shop and interrupted the film shoot. Things turn sour when prejudices are slowly revealed.
Awards, Screenings, & Official Selections

• RTF Realtime International Film Festival, 2021, Nigeria
• Horbola International Film Festival, 2021, India
• CultureCinema, 2021, India
• Southeast Asian American Studies Conference at SJSU, 2021, USA
Winner of the Special Award, Only the Best Film (All Genres) | Micro, Short or Feature Film, Only
     the Best International Film Awards, 2021, USA
• Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2021, USA
• Queens Underground Black History Month International Film Festival, 2021, USA
• Sixth Annual Cinema Sisters International Film Festival, 2021, USA
• SEAxSEA: Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival, 2021, USA
• Nominated for Best Short Documentary, East Europe International Film Festival, 2020, Poland
• Nominated for Best Editing of a Documentary, East Europe International Film Festival, 2020, Poland
Winner for Best Documentary, Assurdo Film Festival, 2020, Italy
• The Big Picture, Members Community Screening, Squeaky Wheel, 2019, USA
• 15th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2019, USA
• PLURALITIES, Docfilm Institute, 2019, USA
• Southeast Asia and the Diaspora: Gender, Labor, and Performance, 1st Annual SEASGRAD
     Conference, 2019, USA
• MIGC: Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, 2019, USA
Winner of Audience Award for Best Graduate Film, DMS Media Show, 2019, USA
• Holidaze Screenings, 2018, USA
• PLASMA Performance, Lectures & Screenings in Media Arts, 2018, USA

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