(Welcome to Indonesia)
Animation| Digital | Duration: 05:15
Let's learn about Indonesia in the year 20xx, before Earthlings move to Mars
 due to a prolonged pandemic.

"...For me, Welcome to Indonesia (2021), the fifth and final film in this program is a very fitting cherry on top. This animated film explores the power of communication itself. How if presented and spoken well, all lies can seem like facts.
~ Bintang Panglima

Nomination, Screening & Official Selection

•Aceh Film Festival, 2022, Indonesia
•Minikino Film Week 8 Guest Program, IR2022 Jawa Barat: Bukan Sekedar Fiksi, 2022, Indonesia
•Merdeka Menonton by MondiBlanc Film Workshop, 2022, Indonesia

•Official selection, Indonesia Raja 2022 Jawa Barat, 2022, Indonesia
•Nominee, Minikino Begadang Filmmaking Competition, 2021, Indonesia

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