(What Ceti Does)
Drama| RED | Duration: 20:46
Ceti is a woman from Bogor who is experiencing financial difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her clothing kiosk in Bogor Market was forced to close. Her husband, who works as an online loan debt collector, cannot collect debts from people who had lost their jobs, and her son asks for a smartphone to go to online school. Inadvertently, she finds a solution to her problems when she collects a debt from the family of someone who recently died.​​​​​​​

"Brilliant, relevant, and amazing! The simple storytelling, wrapped in professional acting makes Riwayat Ceti feels like a calm feature film with a clever plot twist. The theme of girl power is shown without being tendentious. Dea Panendra and the other cast acted beautifully. The phenomenon of online loans that has shocked Indonesia has been successfully conveyed in a straightforward manner with a tickle."

"...Dea Panendra and Nino Prabowo played beautifully. They gave entertaining performances throughout the film, inviting the audience to know how to build a simple household life with their passion, economic interest, and conscience."

"Undeniably relentless in delivering real power of strong original narrative. Showcasing an accurate depiction of pandemic and how it affected the lower class citizens, alongside highlighting a terrorizing issue that has been gnawing on the poor and how badly it seems to be since poverty has always been the ultimate villain in this country. Through the ambigous take on stirring what's probably an extreme course of action to bring on the table, Riwayat Ceti ended in a sharp and clean-cut manner i never thought it would be."
~ @yuw

"The storyline is quite realistic because it brings pandemic setting and conflict close to the real situation..."

"...The [film's] technical aspects deserve appreciation."
~ @alisatriefendi 

Awards, Screenings & Official Selections

100% Local Flavors Short Films Compilations, 100% Manusia Film Festival, 2022, Indonesia
•Shortlisted, 30 Film Cerita Pendek Rekomendasi Asosiasi, Festival Film Indonesia, 2022, Indonesia
•​​​​​​​Jakarta Film Week, 2022, Indonesia
Europe on Screen, 2022, Indonesia
PEN Short Film Production Grant Recipient, 2021, Indonesia
3rd Winner of Europe on Screen Short Film Pitching Program, 2021, Indonesia

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