(The Archipelago)
Animation, Documentary| Digital | Duration: 07:08
A short animated documentary film, capturing the ideas of each director involved
(film directors, animation director, sound director) related to childhood memories, and/or past memories about what it means being and living in Indonesia, an archipelago, the Nusantara, commenting on illegal logging, romance, covid-19, and living in rural areas.

"...Why tumpeng? Tumpeng is often present at important events, parties, Independence Day, and other events. This food philosophy is rich. The choice of side dishes and vegetables also has meaning. What makes this animation by Azalia Muchransyah interesting is that the audience feels like they are hearing our friends tell a story."
Dewi Puspa Sari
Awards, Screenings & Official Selections

•Wathann Film Festival, 2022, Myanmar
•26th Thai Short Film and Video Festival-Bangkok, 2022, Thailand
•14th Seoul Yeongdeungpo International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, South Korea
•In competition, Air Canada Short Film or Video Award and Audience Choice Short Film Award, 
    26th edition of Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival (Reel Asian), 2022, Canada
•Nominasi Piala Citra, Film Animasi Pendek Terbaik, Festival Film Indonesia, 2022, Indonesia
•Boemboe Forum 2022, "Jagoan Festival Film," 2022, Indonesia 
•In Competition, Global Short, Jakarta Film Week, 2022, Indonesia
•Synchronize Festival 2022 x Kinosaurus, 2022, Indonesia
•Shortlisted, ReelOzInd!, 2022, Indonesia & Australia
•Aceh Film Festival, 2022, Indonesia
•Nominee, National Competition Award, MINIKINO FILM WEEK 8: Bali International Short Film
    Festival, 2022, Indonesia
•Finalist, Short Film Competition, Sundance Film Festival Asia, 2022, Indonesia
•S-Express 2022 screenings in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
•8th Mini Film Festival x Mini Arts Festival, 2022, Malaysia
•Side Event MotoGP Mandalika, 2022, Indonesia
PEN Short Film Production Grant Recipient, 2021, Indonesia
Selected Project at TOAST YOUR SHORT Pitching Forum, MINIKINO FILM WEEK 7: Bali
    International Short Film Festival, 2021, Indonesia

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