Documentary | Digital | Duration: 07:53
As an illness without a cure, HIV/AIDS is commonly perceived as a death sentence.
In addition, the many misconceptions about how it transmits have created a negative stigma toward People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in general. This film aims to inform people about the advancement of science and how treatment enables PLWHA to live as long and as healthy
as normal people.
Screenings & Official Selections

• Social Impact Film Festival, 2022, USA
• ARTS x SDGS Online Festival, 2021, USA
• 16th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2020, USA
• Duemila30, 2019, Italy
• Starzplay Short Film Competition, 2019, Pakistan
• Lift-off Global Network First-time Filmmaker Sessions, 2019, England
• BAM! Festival, 2019, USA
• J. Warren Perry Poster Day, 2018, USA

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