Experimental| Digital | Duration: 01:00
Accompanied by a mix of soundscapes and music, Concrete Jungle juxtaposes different living creatures with manmade architecture. It is a reimagination of how nature should reclaim its rightful place amidst the busy and deafening city life.
Screenings & Official Selections

•ACTIVATING ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS curated by Beatie Wolfe, Denver Digerati's
Screen, 2022, USA [expanded 2.0 version, 01:48, silent]
•Cineminuto Córdoba 2021 – V Festival De Cineminutos De Córdoba, 2021, Argentina
•ARTS x SDGS Online Festival, 2021, USA
•International Migration & Environmental Film Festival, 2021, Canada
•Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, 2021, Germany
•Delete TV, 2021, England
•Flame Firstcut, 2020, India
•Ortometraggi Film Festival, Category VIDEO ART, 2020, Italy
•Ecozine Film Festival, 2020, Spain
•Semi-Finalist - Best Cinematography Category, Alternative Film Festival, 2020, Canada
•Semi-Finalist - Best Student Film, Couch Film Festival, 2020, Canada
•Semi-Finalist, ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: RISEUP, 2020, USA
•Buffalo Shorts, 2020, USA
•MicroMania Film Fest, 2020, USA
•Squeaky Wheel 17th Animation Fest, 2020, USA
•Shortlist, MINIKINO FILM WEEK 6, Indonesia

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