Essay, Experimental | Digital | Duration: 04:00
Blue Film is an essay experimental short film that criticizes the monetization of the color blue.
Why is blue identical to a male color, while it was a female one in the beginning? 

Why is porn called blue films? Why do certain companies use the color blue to attract consumers?
And, above all, why blue?
Nominations, Screenings, & Official Selections

• 11th Bridges International Film Festival, 2020, Greece
• Blue2Blue Drone Film Festival, 2020, Australia
• Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2020, USA
• MoziMotion, 2019, The Netherlands
• New Industry Selection, Oaxaca FilmFest, 2019, Mexico
• Zlaty Voci Film Theory Students Film Festival, 2019, Czech Republic
• 15th Annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, 2019, USA
• Audience Awards, 2019, USA
• Bull Film Fest, 2019, USA
• Nominee for Best of 716, NCCC Film & Animation Festival, 2019, USA
• Student Experimental Film Festival (SEFF), 2018, USA

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