Essay, Experimental | Digital | Duration: 05:03
By juxtaposing footage from “the Big Apple” and poetic narration, Big Durian Big Apple is a visual love letter to my hometown of Jakarta, Indonesia (fondly called “the Big Durian” by its denizens).​​​​​​​

"...Mainly though, what Muchransyah wants us to recognize is that city life (both in Jakarta and NYC) has many unattractive qualities that one must bear, namely: unbearable pollution, constant development, the heat, traffic, and overpopulation. But she concludes, even though putting up with these conditions is a source of frustration — it will become nostalgic when one leaves it behind.
I find this conclusion to be quite quaint, and overall the piece is a pleasant experience. Big Apple, Big Durian maps a very personal relationship with the city of Jakarta — which is most likely foreign to most viewers — unto NYC arguably, one of the most familiar and romanticized places on earth.
Through this inversion, it allows the audience to soak in Muchransyah’s memories of Jakarta while subconsciously recalling their own memories of walking through a cityscape."
Awards, Screenings, & Official Selections

•SEASGRAD Conference, Virtual Performance Space, 2021, USA
•Southeast Asian American Studies Conference at SJSU, 2021, USA
•International Migration & Environmental Film Festival, 2021, Canada
•Mimesis Documentary Festival, 2021, USA
Honorable Mention, Portraits of cities, 'Urban Visions: Beyond the Ideal City' Film Festival, 2021,
•Rehoboth Beach Film Society's Regional Showcase, 2020, USA [pending due to COVID]
•APL'S arts portfolio panel discussion and film screenings, 2020, USA
•Southeast Regional Film Festival, 2020, USA
•NYU Cinema Studies' Annual Student Conference, AFTER [ LIVES ], 2020, USA
•Incluvie Film Festival, 2020, USA
•SEAxSEA: Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival, 2020, USA
•Flame Firstcut, 2020, India
Special Mention for Foreign Documentary category, Ankur 2020 - International Youth Documentary
    & Short Film Festival, 2020, India
•Semi-finalist, Kino London presents "The People's Film Festival," 2019, England
•Shortlist, MINIKINO FILM WEEK 5, 2019, Indonesia
•Stars of Wild Beauty - International Tourism Film Festival Montenegro, 2019, Montenegro
•VIVA FILM FESTIVAL, 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina
•International Tourism Film Festival "Tourfilm Riga," 2019, Latvia
•Festival Internacional de Cine – CINESPACIO, 2019, Colombia
•Said by tongues., 2019, USA
•CSEAS Graduate Student Conference, (Re)Making Memory in Southeast Asia, 2019, USA
•BAM! Festival, 2019, USA
•Studio City International Film Festival, 2019, USA
•Buffalo International Film Festival, 2019, USA

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