Documentary, Experimental| Digital | Duration: 08:52
The tension of going through a pandemic shifts my attention and creates anxiety within me.
As many questions bubble up in my mind, I reflect on what I have been going through by creating
a journal entry in the hope of finding answers.
Screenings & Official Selections

• 17th edition of Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short Fiction and Animation
      films (MIFF), 2022, India
• GLITCH/WANT: Conversations from the Palah Light Lab, 2021, USA
• MIGC 2021: Catalyst, 2021, USA
• NHdocs: the New Haven Documentary Film Festival, 2021, USA
• FLEFF 2021 Entangled Infiltrations, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, 2021, USA
• DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival, 2021, USA
• Minikino Film Week 7, 2021, Indonesia
• Virginia Dares Conference for Decolonizing/Re-Indigenizing Media, 2020, USA
• Essential Stories - Pluralities Conference, 2020, USA
• Buffalo International Film Festival, 2020, USA
• International Festival Signes de Nuit, 2020, Thailand

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